Howdy! Hello! Que pasa? Suuup? And welcome to my new home & blog. Come on in, have a seat, I’ll pour you a cup of tea and let’s chat. I’m looking forward to getting to know you & spilling my guts out right here for all the world to see. So have a look around & be sure to tell me what you think!



May 17, 2016: Guest blog post #2: Film Photography …at this point I’m feeling a little bit unstoppable and a whole lot bulletproof! Look out world! This Photolab Manager is on a roll!

April 29, 2016: EEK I got honorable mention for being awesome! My favourite part is when they say my head is a swirling vortex of cool ideas!!

April 6, 2016: Who has two gorgeous thumbs and officially guest writes for the London Drugs blog? THIS GIRL!! Check it out!

April 1, 2016: Check out this article London Drugs wrote about the  Local Artist project